BAUMA 2022

That's a wrap! Seven days of full-packed action, captivating product shows as well as valuable time with our customers, partners, and of course our special guest - Daniel from Ashville. Our time in Munich has been a tremendous success. Thanks for stopping by and following along with the action. See you next time!

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Together we can reach anything

At this year's bauma, we lift our products and solutions to the next level with intelligent and
connected technologies. In addition to innovative crane models and lifting solutions, we use
alternative types of drive, as well as smart technologies and assistance systems to open up future-oriented applications for our customers.

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PALINFGER Products Live Cam Downloads

PALFINGER Highlights live from bauma 2022

The answer to all your problems

The PCC 115.002 truly is an all-rounder. Herman Luijerink, Head of Sales & Outbound Product Management Crawler Crane, not only told Daniel about all the benefits, but Daniel could also try it out himself - and had tons of fun doing so!

Somebody got hooked

As a longstanding PALFINGER hookloader customer, Daniel was extremely curious about our latest innovations in this field. Make way for the HT 30 A TEC 5 and its various assistance systems, including the Smart Loading Assist. Daniel was extremely impressed and also a little jealous - but see for yourself!

All good things come in threes

Our new TEC range is presented in three different versions at bauma. Gerhard Auer, Head of Global Product Management Loader Crane, was allowed to introduce Daniel to our new loader cranes - the PK 250 TEC, PK 580 TEC, and PK 1050 TEC. Daniel was particularly impressed by the innovative assistance systems and features. Check it out yourself!

#reachanything with low emission

A claim that plays an essential role in PALFINGER's vision and strategy for the future. Also for Daniel as a customer, alternative drive systems and products get more and more important. And of course, our access platforms specialists gave him exciting insights into what PALFINGER is already offering and working on for the future.

Unimog meets Access Platforms

A very special solution. While visiting us in Austria, Daniel was already talking to our experts about a special solution that combines a PALFINGER access platform with a Mercedes-Benz Unimog. At bauma, he got to check it out himself live and up close - fair to say that he liked what he saw there, A LOT.

Everything's Energized

Andreas Hille, SVP Global Product Line Management / R&D, was invited to talk at the bauma forum. He focused on the challenges and opportunities of electrically powered bodies and lifting solutions.

Highlight Photos from the bauma

Have a look at our highlight photos from PALFINGER at bauma 2022. Check out our PALFINGER booth, our innovative products and our latest solutions.

Reach anything with our Lifting Solutions

We are not only providing our customers a product or service but a complete solution. This vision goes beyond mounting our products on the vehicle. We are always aiming for making the customers' jobs and lives safer, smarter, more efficient, and more convenient.

Together with our partners, we want to enable our customers to experience smarter operations and offer them service support over the entire product lifecycle.

Introducing Smart Lifting Solutions

What's a lifting solution and how does it support customers in their job-to-be-done? If a complete vehicle with lifting equipment is just the beginning, where does the vision go? And if semi-automated features are already on the market this year, when are we steering cranes remotely? This and much more Daniel discussed with our PALFINGER experts.

From Product to Solution

More than a product supplier. Andreas Hille, SVP Global Product Line Management / R&D, offers Daniel valuable insights into how PALFINGER covers their customers' entire value creation process and makes it smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Integrated Solutions

Daniel had some tough questions for Gerhard Sturm, SVP Global Sales & Service. What exactly is an integrated lifting solution and even more important: Which benefits do they offer to the customer?

Remote Operation

While visiting us in Austria, Daniel spotted one of our marine cranes. This did not only spark an interesting conversation about the specific requirements in the marine sector, but he also learned that remote solutions are already reality in PALFINGER's offshore segment.

Complete Solutions

The installation of a product might be as important as the solution itself. Our Mounting Competence Centers help us offer our customers solutions that fit their specific needs. In order to handle future challenges like digitalization and electrification, complete solutions will become more and more important for PALFINGER claims Gerhard Luger, Head of Sales & Outbound PM Installations.

We turn hard work into smart work

We digitize the customer journey with smart solutions to make all touch points easier and more sustainable for our customers.

We offer them smart lifting solutions that provide more functionality and added value. Do you want to learn more about our smart solutions? Check out our 'Road to bauma with Daniel from Ashville' video series and visit us at bauma in Munich.

Our Smart Solutions

Turning hard work into smart work. With our smart solutions, we take the next step. Putting the customer in the focus of our thinking, we offer solutions that make their daily work life smarter and thus easier.

Smart Control Loader Cranes

Johannes Mayrhuber, Inbound Product Manager Crane Equipment, introduced Daniel to PALFINGER's new innovation, an intuitive control of the crane tip: the Smart Control. But what does he think about it? Check for yourself!

Go Digital

For PALFINGER digitalization starts and ends with its customers. How do new technologies and smart solutions help YOU in your daily doing? Check out what insights Philipp Smole, VP Corporate Incubator PALFINGER 21st and Digital Transformation Officer, gave Daniel.

Dancing with the cranes

Stefan Oberleitner - Product Line Leader Loader Cranes, Marine & Wind Crane - compares the Paltronic 180 to a state-of-the-art computer. But which advantages does it offer to the operator? As always, Daniel had his questions ready for our expert.

Smart, Smarter, Hookloader

After talking to Andreas Hille - SVP Global Product Line Management / R&D - during his stay in Austria, Daniel got introduced to our latest development in the hookloader segment at the IAA. Keep an open eye for the Smart Loading Assist (SLA) at this year's bauma!

High TEC Loader Cranes

You get what you pay for! Daniel was curious about our new TEC cranes and was wondering, what TEC even stands for. Stefan Oberleitner, Product Line Leader Cranes, Marine & Wind Crane, had all the answers he needed.

Reach anything with low emissions

We understand that the world is at a turning point and that the time has come for a sustainable future. According to the EU decision, no cars and light commercial vehicles with combustion engines are to be sold from 2035. Already today, many cities in Europe have access restrictions for such trucks. ​

Our goal is to switch to alternative drive lines and thus also reduce CO2 emissions and noise when using our solutions. ​That is why PALFINGER is launching its complete implementations and solutions at this year's bauma.

Eco-Efficient Solutions

We put the customer at the center of our thinking. Not only offering efficient solutions but at the same time reducing CO2 emissions and noise. For a sustainable future.

E-Mobility - What is next?

Electrically driven vehicles and products are a hot topic at the moment. A lot of opportunities, but also a lot of questions and customer-specific needs. Daniel and Stefan Oberleitner - Product Line Leader Loader Cranes, Marine & Wind Crane - had an interesting conversation about the current development of eMobility in the construction business.

Less emission, less noise

Philipp Smole, VP Corporate Incubator PALFINGER 21st and Digital Transformation Officer, gives Daniel insights into how PALFINGER is making its solutions more energy-efficient. Also, Daniel learns more about the eWorX module - an interface, which is making sure that all devices can be operated on an electric base.

Electric Solutions are key

Andreas Hille - SVP Global Product Line Management / R&D - explains to Daniel, why electric solutions are important to PALFINGER and how we can offer solutions that are as efficient as possible.

Two is better than one

At bauma, our access platforms will be one of the biggest highlights of the entire trade fair. Therefore, Daniel got insights from two of our product experts. They told him plenty about our electrical and hybrid solutions, but one thing immediately grabbed his attention.

eWorX Powers Everything

Electromobility has arrived - and changes everything, including our products and solutions. Together with our cooperation partners, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, we developed a module that can be used to electrically power your PALFINGER product. But how does that actually work? Listen to our experts in the video to learn more and visit us at bauma 2022 to check it out yourself!

3 in 1 Solution

The PCC 115.002 truly is an all-in-one allrounder. It can be transported and operated on the truck, as a crawler crane and stationery on its stabilizers with a power pack. Thus, our crawler crane can not only be used for a variety of different areas of operations but can also be operated electrically.

Brand new Loader Crane Solutions

Our latest loader crane innovations are one of the hottest topics at this year's bauma. But not only that, we also use alternative types of drive, as well as smart technologies and assistance systems to open up future-oriented applications for our customers.

We help you to reach anything at any time

Our service is more than technical support, it's our quality promise. It's about making your daily work easier and smarter. With our smart service products, we increase the performance of your PALFINGER lifting solutions.

They are all about planning in advance, avoiding downtime, and keeping your product up and running. Thus, being more efficient and successful. Visit us in Munich and convince yourself!

Smart Service Products

As an operator himself, Daniel hates nothing more than downtime. But what exactly does PALFINGER offer - and is planning to in the future - to provide maximum uptime for our customers' products? Of course, there was only one person to talk to about this topic, and Balthasar Gwechenberger - Global Product Manager Services Land - had all the answers and options ready!

Everything's Connected

What is PALFINGER Connected? Daniel asked the responsible Product Manager, Roman Schagala, this very simple question. Our expert delivered the answers: PALFINGER Connected is about optimizing the service of your product and planning future operations and potential downtimes in advance. Or in other terms: to keep the information flowing between all parties involved.


As the world market leader for innovative crane and lifting solutions, we have had a remarkable success story since 1932. With values like innovation, reliability and cost-effectiveness we are constantly setting new quality standards in order to achieve even more together with partners and customers.

Convince yourself about our innovative solutions and visit us at the bauma.
PALFINGER main booth: stand FN. 826
PALFINGER Access Platforms: stand FS. 1304/1

Loader Cranes Epsilon Hook- and Skiploader Crawler Cranes Access Platforms Truck Mounted Forklift Service Products

Loader Cranes

Up to any challenge - these are PALFINGER loading cranes. The core product from PALFINGER is available in a wide variety of versions, depending on the area of ​​application and the requirements of our customers. Mounted on a carrier vehicle and optionally equipped with the best attachments, the knuckle-boom crane becomes a true multifunctional tool.


PK 1050 TEC

The unprecedented outreach of 37 meters in this meter ton class is just the beginning. In addition to the unmistakably elegant and functional design elements, the completely new TEC crane comes with a bundle of new functions and assistance systems. It is also a premiere for Smart Control: With the PK 1050 TEC, it is integrated in a 100-meter-ton crane for the first time and together with the Memory Position and the Leveling Assistant, it makes the crane operating even smarter, more efficient, and, above all, easier.

PK 580 TEC

It is one of the new precision experts in the heavy-duty crane segment. In combination with a mobile hybrid unit, it quickly becomes an emission-free solution and can be used for applications in noise- and exhaust-sensitive areas. Additionally equipped with the assistance systems Smart Control and Memory Position, it increases the efficiency and ensures an easier and smarter operating of the crane.

PK 250 TEC

Compact with great performance. This is the new PK 250 TEC. Smart control systems simplify crane operation of this innovative flagship model significantly. Equipped with the new control electronics PALTRONIC 180, the innovative crane control Smart Control and the crane position storage Memory Position, the smallest TEC crane enables even smarter and more efficient work. The PK 250 TEC will be shown at the bauma mounted on an eVolvo - an impressive and, above all, emission-free solution.

PK 29.502 TEC 7 with eDRIVE

A reliable, low-maintenance crane from the mid-meter ton class combined with the premium quality and technology of the TEC range - that's what makes the PK 29.502 TEC 7 special. A particular highlight of this LNG-vehicle is eDRIVE. Here you can choose between various alternative drive types and operate without emissions, even in noise-sensitive environments. A variety of assistance systems ensure a high degree of efficiency and comfort, like HPSC-Plus, for maximum utilization of the working range due to load detection or P-FOLD, for folding and unfolding the crane with just one lever movement.



The installation of a product might be as important as the solution itself. Our Mounting Competence Centers help us offer our customers solutions that fit their specific needs. In order to handle future challenges like digitalization and electrification, complete solutions will become more and more important for PALFINGER claims Gerhard Luger, Head of Sales & Outbound PM Installations.


Tiltable Crane Fork

The new tiltable crane fork represents an unbeatably high degree of flexibility and safety. This was specially developed for the Fly-Jib and enables challenging maneuverability, positioning and unloading of bundled, palletized goods. Working in tight spaces is therefore easier than ever. The combination of slewing device and crane fork enables hydraulic leveling of bundled loads.

EPSILON Timber & Recycling Cranes

Q150Z 95 TR for recycling

The amount of recyclable materials is constantly increasing worldwide. The manipulation of recycling material places the highest demands on man and machine. Robust design, fine controllability and many EPSILON-specific solutions are intended to make work more efficient and easier. EPSILON and SOLUTION become EPSOLUTION. Within this series, the Q-series stands for the heavy-duty middle class of EPSILON cranes and includes lifting capacities from 15 to 18 meter tons.



Founded in 1980, the company has been the world's leading manufacturer of cranes for timber handling, recycling and construction. In addition, PALFINGER EPSILON is one of the complete suppliers in the offroad sector. The multinational company has been a member of PALFINGER AG since 1988.


Generation 3

We change the perspective, because our customers know best what they need! While developing GENERATION 3, PALFINGER EPSILON combined at the very highest level its customers' expectations with many years of experience in crane engineering, together with the most innovative technologies. The results of the new GENERATION 3 are the highest level of convenience, a very appealing design and purposespecific technologies. Technologies that make our customers' work easier while making them even more cost effective and environment friendly.


Hook- & Skiploaders

PALFINGER Hooklifts is the global market leader of lifting equipment designed for interchangeable containers. The functional design of our hookloaders and skiploaders ensures simple use and low maintenance. We offer a durable product and good operational profitability of your equipment.


HT 30 A TEC 5

Handling the heaviest loads has never been so easy

Designed to equip 4- and 5-axle trucks, HT 30 (A) are the most powerful hookloaders in PALFINGER range. They meet the current market needs for operational flexibility as they are compatible with containers up to 9 m in length. Now available in an articulated version, the design combines robustness and performance even in harsh environments.


Smart Loading Assist (SLA)

With the Smart Loading Assist (SLA) we offer an innovative, semi-automatic assistance system for Hookloaders. This makes container loading even easier, faster and safer. The Smart Loading Assist system expands the Hookloader with a 3D camera system, sensors and a high-performance computing unit. The solution thus supports the driver throughout the entire loading process with intelligent applications. It simplifies everyday work for every operator and significantly shortens the training period.

PS T 18 TEC 5

Thanks to its hydraulic bin locking, the container is always safely secured during transport. The PS T 18 TEC 5 allows loading bins quickly and accurately even if they are unfavorably positioned. The radio remote control which comes as a standard allows for safe and simple operation from any position. PALFINGER Skiploaders allow for customization to your specific needs. Various options like high tipping, cover systems, top cross beams, and storage options are available on request just to name a few.



PH T 20 SLD 5

PALFINGER Telescopic hookloaders are addressing all customer demands related to fast and simple operation whilst keeping operational safety at its top priority. Its versatility makes the Telescopic range the ideal solution for all your container transport needs.

With our wide range of hookloader models, features and customable options we are able to satisfy each customer request.


T 15

Telescopic facilitates the use of containers with different lengths. Telescopic is easy to operate. It also meets the requirements for loading on trailers. The Telescopic hookloaders are bi-point units for an increased tipping capacity.

BENEFITS : Universal applicable, increased tipping force due to bipoint, spares the bearing due to less horizontal forces


Crawler Crane

PCC 115.002

The PALFINGER crawler crane is a true all-in-one allrounder thanks to its individual operation possibilities on the truck, on the crawler or even stationary. It was specially developed for tight spaces in industrial halls or parks and for applications on rough terrain. Due to the integrated electro power pack, the system can be upgraded to Zero Emission Solution. Another highlight is the Shifting Function, which allows to shift the complete unit in all directions and enables to pass tight gates to hard-to-reach operating areas or to get more lifting power by using the crawler module or truck as a counter weight. 




Electrification is already a major factor in the access platform business. Therefore, solutions that enable emission-free work are already in demand. With the mobile and retrofittable battery variants access platforms can already be operated electrically today. The two emission-free solutions P 250 BK and P 280 CK go one step further. They impressively demonstrate how the conversion to electric mobility works at PALFINGER.



The P 250 BK demonstrates how an emission-free solution can look like in the field of access platforms. Mounted on the new IVECO eDAILY, the future of electrification begins today. Together we can #reachanything with zero emissions.

P 280 CK

The P 280 CK on a full electric chassis is a concept study which demonstrates how an emission-free solution can work in the light class. The modern access platform with a working height of up to 28 meters is mounted on a Volvo FE Electric 4x2 rigid.


With the eDRIVE BATTERY PACKS, the conversion of existing access platforms for emission-free operation is quick and easy. This solution opens up additional application possibilities as it enables operation in emission-free and noise-sensitive zones. Thanks to the battery technology, no additional power supply is required on site while the working speed remains the same. The battery pack is presented on a P 170 TXE-E SMART PLUS.

P 250 All Terrain “Black Edition”

PALFINGER and Unimog - this is where the unmatched power and off-road capability of a Unimog meets the outstanding performance of a PALFINGER aerial work platform. Thanks to the enormous support stroke of 1,300 mm, a lateral reach of 16.7 meters and a height of 25.3 meters, even the most difficult tasks can be mastered.

P 370 KS E

The P 370 KS E with integrated eDRIVE Battery Pack combines a diesel-powered and an electric drive system. Compared to a purely diesel-powered machine, it features significant fuel savings, less noise and lower CO2 emissions.


The P 170 TXE - E SMART PLUS demonstrates the use of the mobile eDRIVE BATTERY PACK. The truck-mounted platform with its advanced telescopic system, mounted on a 3.5-tonne truck, impresses with maximum performance with a narrow support within the vehicle contour.

Truck Mounted Forklifts

Complete independence, when delivering goods. With the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklifts you can operate more efficient, by delivering the goods faster and exactly on the spot, where they are needed. This gives you total flexibility in everyday work.


BM 214

Ready to use in only 30 seconds and a great off-road capability combined with very compact dimensions turn this box-mounted forklift into a real game changer.


FLC 253 4W

The perfect combination of flexibility and performance strength turns this truck-mounted forklift into a great all-rounder. With a load capacity of 2.5 tons in front of the front wheels and the 4-way system, safe handling of long and bulky goods and good cross-country mobility are guaranteed.


Service Products


You give us your trust, we give you our full attention. Because service means more than technical support to us, service is our quality promise.

We look after the fastest possible availability of spare parts as well as the development of innovative service products (e.g. Connected, Service Contracts, Lubricants) which make your daily work easier. Because your success is our concern. In order to meet your expectations, our partners work for you around the globe.

READ More!


Keep track of things and ensure optimized servicing - anytime, anywhere. Plan upcoming assignments and downtimes efficiently, in advance with PALFINGER Connected. This ensures a continuous flow of information between fleet managers, company owners, service partners, and, above all, the operators of our products.


Fleet MonitoR Operator Monitor

Service Contracts

To optimize your business performance, by reducing machine downtimes and repair costs, we offer you the PALFINGER Service Contracts in 4 different packages, from 1 to 6 years.Therefore, you can plan your expenditure and do not have to worry about unforeseen workshop costs.



Achieve maximum lifetime and increase the performance of your machine with PALFINGER hydraulic and gear oils. We developed an oil portfolio that is perfectly tailored to PALFINGER products and their applications. Therefore PALFINGER Lubricants have a longer oil change interval -you can save up to 45% of the oil-related costs!


Original Tools

PALFINGER is continuously working on the further development of its service partner network and on pioneering ideas to guarantee the best service for our products. Highly qualified employees and premium PALFINGER Original Tools for service workshops represent the added value that ensures customer satisfaction and the reduction of unplanned downtime.


STRUCINSPECT Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub

The world’s first hub for digital inspection & lifecycle management. The new digital challenge: Enabling digital inspection. Turning data into better decisions. For better data! For better decisions!

Digital services like

  • AI-assisted damage detection
  • Standardized data capturing
  • Structured data
  • Lifecycle analysis

lead to optimized repair and maintenance decisions.


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